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Hamp's Camp Inc After-School Sports Program

"Our mission is to provide a safe, inclusive, and supportive after-school environment where children can engage in various sports activities. We aim to promote physical fitness, develop fundamental sports skills, and foster teamwork and sportsmanship. Through our program, we strive to instill a lifelong love for sports and healthy habits in the participants, empowering them to grow as individuals both on and off the field."

Welcome to Hamp's Camp Inc After-School Sports Program, where we believe in fostering not just athletic abilities but also teamwork, discipline, and personal growth in children. Our program offers a diverse range of sports activities designed to keep kids active, engaged, and having fun after school hours.

1. **Variety of Sports:** We offer a wide variety of sports activities including basketball, soccer, football (flag), and yoga. This diversity allows children to explore different interests and discover their talents.

2. **Professional Coaching:** Our experienced coaches are dedicated to providing quality instruction tailored to each child's skill level. They focus on teaching fundamental techniques, sportsmanship, and teamwork, ensuring that every child receives proper guidance and encouragement.

3. **Safe and Supportive Environment:** At Hamp's Camp Inc, safety is our top priority. We maintain well-equipped facilities and adhere to strict safety protocols to create a secure environment for children to learn and play.

4. **Character Development:** Beyond physical skills, our program emphasizes character development. Through sports, children learn valuable life lessons such as perseverance, responsibility, respect, and leadership, which are essential for their personal and academic success.

5. **Inclusive Atmosphere:** We welcome children of all skill levels and backgrounds. Our inclusive approach ensures that every child feels valued and supported, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among participants.

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About the Founder

Rodney Hampton is a former American football player who had a successful career in the National Football League (NFL). He was a running back who played primarily for the New York Giants. Hampton was born on April 3, 1969, in Houston, Texas.

He played college football at the University of Georgia, where he had an outstanding career as a running back for the Bulldogs. In 1990, he was selected by the New York Giants in the first round of the NFL Draft (24th overall pick).

During his NFL career, which spanned from 1990 to 1997, all with the Giants, Rodney Hampton established himself as a talented and reliable running back. He was known for his strong rushing abilities and consistent performance on the field. He was a key player for the Giants during the early and mid-1990s.

Hampton retired from the NFL after the 1997 season. While he never won a Super Bowl, he left a lasting impact on the New York Giants and their fans. After his playing days, Hampton has been involved in various charitable and community activities.

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What They're Saying

"”We initially adopted the program at our school because we needed something to motivate a small population of students. Once the program was underway, we had a HUGE number of kids that expressed interest because they saw how Mr. Hampton facilitated the class and interacted with the students.”

— School Administrator

“My child has Asperger’s so I was apprehensive about allowing him to join. After seeing how other students embraced him, his confidence skyrocketed! Coach Hampton has been a true blessing for us.

— Parent

"”It warms my heart that my son has been a participant in this program at school. He has experienced fun and confidence while attending Hamp’s Camp!"

— Parent

“Our community looks forward to having Hamp’s Camp host camps and after school programs. We have so much love and respect for Rodney for always coming back to interact and encourage students from his former neighborhood.

— Kashmere High Alum

To enroll your child in the Hamp's Camp Inc After-School Sports Program, contact your child’s school. Spaces are limited, so early registration is recommended.

We look forward to welcoming your child to our program and helping them develop a lifelong love for sports and physical activity.

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Fundamentals of Basketball

In Basketball, kids learn the fundamentals of basketball while having fun and building friendships! Our after-school program is designed to introduce children to the exciting world of basketball and develop their skills in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Program Highlights:

Basic Skills Development: Our program focuses on teaching the fundamental skills of basketball, including dribbling, shooting, passing, and defense. Through age-appropriate drills and activities, children learn proper techniques and improve their coordination, balance, and agility on the court.

Teamwork and Sportsmanship: We emphasize the importance of teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship in basketball. Children participate in group exercises, scrimmage games, and team-building activities that promote communication, collaboration, and mutual respect among players.

Game Strategies: In addition to skill development, we teach children the basic strategies and rules of basketball. They learn how to make smart decisions on the court, understand offensive and defensive tactics, and apply strategic thinking to enhance their gameplay.

Physical Fitness: Basketball is a great way for kids to stay active and improve their physical fitness. Our program includes conditioning exercises, agility drills, and cardiovascular activities that help children develop strength, endurance, and overall athleticism.

Positive Environment: We create a positive and inclusive atmosphere where children feel empowered to explore their passion for basketball. Our coaches emphasize positivity, encouragement, and fun, fostering a love for the game that extends beyond the court.

Fundamentals of Football

The Fundamentals of Football for Kids course is specifically designed to introduce young children to the basic principles and joy of playing football. This course focuses on making learning fun and engaging for kids while helping them develop essential skills and a passion for the sport.

Throughout the course, kids will be introduced to the fundamental rules of football, such as how to play, basic positions, and the concept of teamwork. They will also participate in age-appropriate drills and activities to enhance their motor skills, coordination, and confidence on the field.

The course will cover essential football techniques like positions, stance and basic ball control in a playful and supportive environment. Coaches or instructors will prioritize safety and sportsmanship, encouraging kids to respect their teammates and opponents.

As the course progresses, children will have the opportunity to practice what they've learned in small-sided games, fostering a sense of camaraderie and cooperation among their peers.

Ultimately, the Fundamentals of Football for Kids course aims to instill a love for the sport, promote physical activity, and lay the groundwork for future development in football, whether for recreational play or potential competitive pursuits.

Fundamentals of Soccer

The "Fundamentals of Soccer for Kids" course is designed to introduce young learners to the exciting world of soccer. This course focuses on teaching the essential skills and techniques needed to play the sport effectively. Kids will learn the basics of dribbling, passing, shooting, and ball control through interactive drills and games.

Throughout the course, emphasis will be placed on developing teamwork, communication, and sportsmanship among the participants. Understanding the rules of soccer and the importance of fair play will also be highlighted. The course aims to enhance their coordination, agility, and physical fitness, while instilling a passion for the game.

By the end of the course, kids should have gained confidence in their soccer abilities and have a solid understanding of the sport's fundamentals, making them ready to enjoy playing soccer in a recreational setting or continue their journey in more competitive levels if they choose to do so.

Intro to Yoga

Hamp’s Camp Yoga for Kids: Our program is specifically designed for children, incorporating age-appropriate yoga poses, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and mindfulness activities. Through playful and engaging sessions, kids learn to improve flexibility, coordination, and focus while cultivating a sense of calm and self-awareness.

Holistic Approach: Beyond physical postures, our program emphasizes the holistic benefits of yoga, including stress reduction, emotional regulation, and positive self-expression. Children learn valuable life skills such as self-confidence, resilience, and compassion, which they can carry with them both on and off the mat.

Creative Expression: We encourage creative expression through yoga-themed games, storytelling, art projects, and music. This multidisciplinary approach engages children's imagination and fosters their love for movement and self-discovery.

Inclusive Environment: Our program welcomes children of all abilities, backgrounds, and experience levels. We celebrate diversity and inclusivity, ensuring that every child feels accepted, supported, and valued in our yoga community.